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High-quality utilization of feed extruders


The corn stalk can be processed into a feed by using a feed extruder to be mashed, fermented, etc., and is supplied to various animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs, deer, and geese for consumption. According to tests, the livestock fed the straw feed has improved in meat quality and resistance, and can reduce costs. More advantageously, such equipment-treated feed is resistant to storage and is referred to as "canned feed."

 In the production process of the feed extruder, the corn straw is firstly chopped, the cell wall of the straw fiber is broken, the wax film on the surface of the straw is destroyed, and then placed in a feed extruder with the starter for expansion and fermentation. In this process, the extruder is used. The high temperature inside can also sterilize the straw. Therefore, the produced feed can be stored for a long time. It can be seen that the feed puffing machine plays an extremely important role in the process of straw avatar feed.

The feed extruder is usually composed of a slicing knife, an automatic feeding system, a conditioner, a screw, and the like. The cutter is equipped with a stepless speed regulating device to ensure the consistency of the shape and size of the final expanded material; the interaction between the automatic feeding system and the conditioner can achieve the best quenching and tempering state; in the process of puffing, the different designs of the screw Will affect the final puffing effect.

With the tightening of environmental protection policies by the state, the abandonment of abandoned straw and its resource utilization have become the pursuit of many regions. Let more canned feeds go to the market and create economic benefits for aquaculture enterprises. On the road of straw avatar feed, we also need to speed up equipment research and development to promote the output of more high-quality feed.

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