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Entrepreneurial spirit: advocating forgiveness, tolerance, failure, advancing with the times, surpassing today

We must develop together with the times and make progress together with the society; we must keenly grasp the changes in the environment and the world, firmly believe in accelerating development, actively put into action, innovate constantly, and constantly deny ourselves and transcend today.

No matter what, we will do our best to achieve the best. We will be the role model of the food machinery industry in the country and become a pioneer in the international market.

Code of Conduct: Management Institutionalization Work Standardization Processization Analysis Data Analysis

Institutionalization of management--management is guaranteed by sound mechanisms
Standardization of work - work is measured by standard
Procedure---doing things according to the procedures
Analytical Data--Analysis of Quantitative Data for Science

Enterprise concept:Excellent Quality Promise Service Faithiful Attitude Promise Fulfilled

Excellent Quality Promise Service 

Faithiful Attitude Promise Fulfilled

Corporate mission: Let every corner of the world see our brand and create satisfactory value for company stakeholders

For customers: to provide products with high technology and quality at competitive prices; to meet the individual needs with the service and support of excellence, we must help customers to make profits.

For employees: There are different attitudes, abilities, and performance differences between each employee, but we will not easily give up every employee who works with us. We must motivate our potential and provide a stage to achieve our personal ideals.

For the society: to be a law-abiding manufacturer, we must create wealth for the society and add to the economic growth!

Company Vision: Pioneer of Food Machinery, Creator of Social Value

After ten to fifteen years of hard work, become:
Pioneer in the food machinery industry; a pioneer in new products and technologies; the most competitive enterprise in the field of involvement; the most respected and welcomed domestic market, and a well-known manufacturer in the international market; The realization of a comprehensive well-off.
Shandong Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd. will become a glorious enterprise. We will win the recognition, respect and support of our customers and the same industry with our outstanding contribution, good reputation and super strength. Each of our employees will grow together with the company.

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