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SINCE 2006

15 years of extrusion equipment brand manufacturers

Shandong Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in R&D, production, sales, application promotion of food engineering projects. As one of the largest scaled food processing equipment &whole plant engineering problem solvers in China, machines served for more than 970 companies, ,export to 116 countries,area, more than 20 years engineering team we recognizes that quality equals value,aims to create a great future together with global customers.

Provide variety models of twin-screw extruders and supporting ingredients, drying, tableting, baking, spraying, frying machines.

Achieved equipment independent design and production, obtained a number of patents, successfully realized the grains products Extension and promotion of nutrition, rice, breakfast cereals, kinds of fried, non-fried snack foods, high molecular tissue proteins, brushed tissue proteins, instant porridge, instant rice and other fields.

Provide complete food twin-screw extrusion technology engineering demonstration center, can provide users with a multifunctional scientific research demonstration platform for food production equipment, technology, formula development and application, fully bridge the integration of production, learning and research,function, try to reduce the investment risk of customers, promote the application of extrusion technology in grain food processing, and create value for customers.

The scope of participation in food engineering projects includes the following: It enables us to provide our customers with a complete set of project solutions based on the specific requirements of our customers, and to propose, plan, design and project food plants to suit your budget and specific production needs.

Complete turnkey system for crushing mixing systems, micro-component dosing systems, extrusion drying systems, and spray coating systems.

Central centralized control system, whole plant automation engineering

Complete peripheral equipment: electrical installation, automation, pneumatic and liquid applications, civil engineering for turnkey projects

Applications include breakfast cereal cornflakes, ready-to-eat rice nutrition rice series, protein, tissue protein, snack foods, pet food, aquatic feed, etc.

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