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Chew Dog Food Process Line
Dog chew can be defined as a pet toy or pet food. Our dog chew production line can produce sandwich foods with different shapes such as flakes, sticks, twisted flowers, bone shapes, caterpillars, two-color and multi-color shapes. This product is not only suitable for dogs to play, but also rich in protein, fat, vitamins, calcium and other ingredients, so that the dog can increase the nutrition while playing. In addition, dog chew can also regulate appetite, healthy teeth, prevent bad breath, and prevent obesity. Our company uses scientifically-configured starch as raw material, and uses a single-screw extruder to extrude dog chews of various shapes required by customers. By adjusting the process parameters such as raw materials, temperature and moisture, the products have a novel shape and taste which makes our product unique, nutritious, and delicate tissue.

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