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How to buy aquatic feed



To choose aquatic feed, one is suitable and the other is high-quality. So after determining the type of aquatic feed you choose, let's look at the quality. To select high-quality aquatic feed, you can start from the following aspects.

1. The choice of feed manufacturer.

It is necessary to choose feed products produced by reputable and large-scale enterprises. Such enterprises are guaranteed in terms of capital and technology, and can ensure that the feed produced is nutritionally balanced and the formula is scientific. And it can be targeted. For example, there are feeds designed specifically for pet foods, and there are feeds designed specifically for fish, which are more targeted.

2. The choice of particles.

There are several choices for aquatic feed pellets, soft pellets, hard pellets and expanded pellets. The selection should be made according to the characteristics of the breeding object's food habits and food intake fraction. At present, most fish feeds on the market are pellets. Pellets are better than powders. They are suitable for feeding in water. The nutrient loss in the water is less than that of powders, while reducing water pollution.

3. The choice depends on the situation.

Aquatic feed should be of brighter color and uniform color. After all, the senses are still very important. Avoid buying moldy and spoiled feed. If the color of the feed is blue and is very uneven and inconsistent, do not choose this feed. In addition, feeds that are stuck together cannot be purchased. Because of the ingredients of the formula, humidity, mixing and other processing techniques, some of the nutrients may change after the feed is stuck, which is not conducive to fish ingestion. Therefore, this type of feed is not suitable for purchase. .

4. The choice of smell.

All kinds of feed ingredients have a specific smell and taste. Due to the use of some fish meal, it generally has a normal fishy smell. If it is a poor feed, because it uses some fish meal substitutes, the fishy smell is relatively weak or not at all. In addition, bad feed may have a musty smell or a "hit" smell. This is actually the smell produced after fat oxidation. This kind of feed should not be fed, because once this kind of feed is fed, it may cause fish Large areas die and pollute water quality, so you must not buy them.

5. The choice of water stability.

Aquatic compound feed is fed in water, which is different from livestock and poultry feed. The feed required to be fed is stable for a certain period of time in the water to prevent the nutrients from dissolving in the water, which is conducive to the concentrated feeding of fish, improves feed efficiency and reduces feed costs To prevent deterioration of water quality. For this reason, when purchasing, you can take some feed and soak it in water for a period of time to see how stable it is in the water. If it looses and sinks quickly, this material should not be used.


The aquatic feed produced by Arrow intelligent equipment is highly targeted, high in protein, and complete in nutrients. It can be applied to a variety of floating and sinking feeds for fish and shrimp and other aquatic products. The addition of trace elements can promote rapid aquatic products. Notable characteristics such as growth.

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