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Shandong Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd. introduction to Aquatic Feed Project

  1. Introduction to Aquatic Feed Project

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With the development of my country’s aquatic feed industry and the continuous emergence of new processing techniques, it has effectively promoted the improvement of the quality of aquatic feeds. The aquatic feed production line developed by our company has learned European technology and adopted a unit screw combination structure and can achieve production parameters. Precise control. The aquatic food produced by Zhennuo smart equipment is high in protein and complete in nutrients. The product can float on the surface or sink into the bottom. It can be applied to floating and sinking feeds for aquatic products such as fish and shrimps, without wasting feed, and adding Trace elements can promote the rapid growth of aquatic products.

Aquatic feed is a bait specially provided for aquatic animal breeding. According to the feeding species, aquatic feed can be divided into fish feed, shrimp feed and crab feed; according to the characteristics of feed, it can be divided into compound feed, concentrated feed and pre-mixed feed. The raw materials for aquatic feed production are mainly composed of fish meal, grain raw materials and oils. Fish meal and grain raw materials often account for more than 50% of the feed cost.

2. Process flow

① Ingredients ② Crushing ③ Mixing ④ Tempering ⑤ Extrusion ⑥ Drying ⑦ Spraying ⑧ Cooling ⑨ Packaging

3.engineering case


Product Category

Aquatic feed such as floating/sinking fish and shrimp feed.

5. Output

500 kg/hour, 800-1000 kg/hour,

1000-1500 kg/hour, 1500-2500 kg/hour,

3000 kg/hour, 5000 kg/hour.

6. sample display



Arrow Machinery Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of China's relatively large-scale puffed food machinery processing equipment and a comprehensive problem solver for the whole plant engineering with extruders as the main body. High, complete nutrients, fast water absorption, timely softening, less dissolution loss, and no collapse. Modification and gelatinization is good for absorption, improving feed utilization rate and saving materials. Good absorption also reduces the nutrition of water and is more conducive to aquatic health. It can be applied to various fish and shrimp aquatic products, and it is the best choice for aquatic feed manufacturers.

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