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Do you know the maintenance tips of pet food equipment?


As the variety of pets continues to increase, the demand for pet food in the market continues to increase. According to the needs of this market, the company has developed a variety of pet food production lines. The production line also has various configurations depending on the output.

Proper maintenance of pet food equipment not only greatly reduces the probability of failure during production, but also improves product quality and helps to extend the life of the production line. So, how to properly maintain pet food equipment? Let me explain it:

Routine maintenance of pet food equipment is the basis of maintenance at all levels, directly related to operational safety, energy consumption, and the service life of the machine. The contents of the operation center are treated as clean, safe, and inspection, and adhere to the three-inspection system before, during, and after the start of work. Check the reliability of the operating mechanism, running parts, and safety protection devices, and maintain the cleaning of the whole machine and each assembly. Lubrication must be lubricated in place, loosening loose parts, etc.

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